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Take-off, estimating and project management

EES Data Software


Use simple on-screen tools to complete PDF take-offs with expert precision.


Create detailed estimates with confidence using our reliable database.

Project Management

Keep track of progress and control your costs in real time with live projects.

EES Data:

How our software helps contractors

Software designed for UK plumbing, mechanical and electrical contractors, with all these advantages...

Extensive database

Choose from over 250,000 industry-specific items and assemblies, so you can build estimates quickly and easily.

Up-to-date, reliable prices

Guaranteed to match the latest manufacturer prices we have – or your money back – for your peace of mind.

Excellent support

Unlimited email and phone support from our experts to ensure you’re comfortable using the software.

Key software features

Create PDF take-offs

Open a PDF in our Take-Off software, which lets you create a take-off with accurate quantities and measurements using simple on-screen tools.

Import your take-off

Seamlessly import your digital take-off into our Estimating system, reducing the effort involved with duplicating your work and the risk of errors.

Add database items

Choose from thousands of popular MEP items to add to your estimate. All items come with trade prices (with your discounts applied) and labour times.

Weekly price updates

We send out weekly automatic updates, so your cost prices will always reflect the latest information we have directly from manufacturers and distributors.

Generate reports quickly

All your material and labour costs are automatically calculated, allowing you to easily export dozens of customisable reports at the touch of a button.

Advanced, powerful tools

You’re free to go into as much detail as you like; either keep it quick and simple, or use our extensive range of advanced features to carefully control your costs.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Trusted estimating software experts since 1983

EES Data: One of the UK’s best take-off and estimating software systems

EES Data is known as the gold standard when it comes to accuracy and reliability, and we’re proud to be one of the UK’s original developers of estimating software for contractors.

The level of control and functionality in our software is the result of decades of working closely with our users, innovating based on what they need from us to be confident with their pricing. EES Data is a stable, consistent way to get a clear overview of your costs, easing the pressure of upcoming deadlines.

We are also proud to have built long-lasting relationships with the manufacturers that help us deliver our weekly price updates. Our comprehensive database includes hundreds of thousands of products available at the touch of a button, each complete with up-to-date trade prices and accurate labour times.

The result? You’ll find it easier than ever to produce estimates that you can rely on. Combining a simple-to-use interface with powerful tools and access to highly detailed information, you’ll be confident that you have full control over the costs of your projects.

What makes EES Data unique

Established in 1983, EES Data was one of the first companies to bring estimating software to the mass market. Since then, we’ve built a reputation as one of the very best.

Our small team based in Leicester now has decades of experience supporting our loyal users, but our team is still growing and so is our customer base! In fact, we’re growing more now than ever before, because people really value the high standard of accuracy that only EES Data can deliver.

Our software and our knowledge are based on real contractors’ experience, both in the office and on-site. We really value user feedback, and combined with our in-house team’s extensive knowledge, we keep working to make our platform better and better.

Get full access to decades of knowledge

All premium-level features included as standard with EES software


Get instant help from our experienced team. We’ll connect remotely to your computer to guide you and answer any questions.


Full access to our comprehensive database of plumbing, mechanical and electrical items, with automatic weekly price updates.

Install Times

Industry-average labour times are included with all database items, and also available as a PDF guide you can use on-site.

Cloud-based estimating and take-off

Access your EES software online from anywhere, on any device

Our cloud-based platform is available as an optional add-on for any of our software products. Choosing to host your software on the cloud (instead of installing it on your Windows PC) allows you to access it from anywhere you have an internet connection – a fantastic benefit for many users.

Is EES Data the right software option for me?

Answers to some of the most popular questions

See for yourself how it works

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