What is EES Data?

Our software is the answer to a problem shared by many contractors: the difficulty of consistently producing estimates with a very high level of accuracy and confidence.

EES Data is the only platform that gives you full, instant access to the incredibly detailed database we have built up over the decades. This truly makes the world of difference when you come to put together a new estimate and you want to be absolutely certain that your figures are as accurate as they can be.


EES Data becomes one of the UK’s first estimating software developers


items in our database, including up-to-date trade prices and install times

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Why EES Data was created

Estimating is a hard task that nobody enjoys. In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to rely on traditional methods (such as paper-based take-offs with A0-size printed drawings) while still remaining competitive; it simply requires too much time and concentration, plus there is plenty of room for human error. It’s fair to say that modern software has the power to make this process faster and easier.

However, without the knowledge and experience to support it, using software to run your contracting business isn’t as easy as it might be in other industries. If you’ve used other estimating platforms, you probably know that you still need to do a huge amount of manual work inputting all the details you need. This was true in the 1980s, and it’s still true today.

How we’re solving contractors’ problems

We’ve always believed there was a better way to systemise the knowledge that all good contractors have, and to make it accessible at the touch of a button. This was our goal when we set out to build our own estimating system.

For many contractors, we have certainly succeeded so far. EES Data now offers a comprehensive range of software that enables our users to manage their projects, from the initial take-off stage right through to reviewing costs when the project is in its final stages.

Our complete software range


Easily produce PDF take-offs using on-screen tools and database products.


Import your take-off or build an estimate from scratch, and export customisable reports.

Project Management

Get a complete overview and manage your costs as the project progresses.

Heat Loss Calculator

Our custom-built standalone software for contractors to calculate heat loss.

Access your software anywhere

If you don’t want to be restricted to using one PC to access your estimating system, our fantastic cloud platform is perfect for you. Any of our software products are fully compatible with our cloud add-on service.

This means your software can be set up on a virtual computer instead, and you can connect remotely from any supported device. This allows you to use the software as if it’s on your desktop, except it’s accessible from your home laptop, work PC (or Mac) and even your mobile device.

Ready to see how the system works?