The estimating database that powers your software.

Accurate prices guaranteed, or your money back

We’re so confident that our estimating database prices are up-to-date and accurate, we offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

If we fail to update an item’s trade price in the next available EES database update, we’ll refund you 100% of that month’s subscription payment.

Estimating Database Price Accuracy Guarantee

Why you can trust our plumbing, mechanical and electrical estimating database

Our estimating software is supplied complete with our unique plumbing, mechanical and electrical database, a core feature that has always been essential to how we work at EES Data.

This extensive estimating database contains a vast range of items with trade prices, labour times and more details. Our dedicated team work hard every day to keep all of this running like a well-oiled machine.

The result of all this hard work? Powered by our comprehensive database, our estimating software gives contractors the ability to create accurate and reliable estimates more easily than ever.

How our estimating database helps you


Optimised for contractors, our mechanical, plumbing and electrical database includes hundreds of leading manufacturers and product ranges. With a database that’s tailored to your business, you’ll find it much quicker and easier to use than a generic option, plus you’ll have access to a lot more detail.


Based on our hands-on industry knowledge, we’ve spent years carefully categorising all the items in our estimating database so it’s intuitive to use. You don’t need to remember the code for each item off the top of your head; everything is grouped logically so it’s easy to find anything in just a couple of clicks.

Up-to-date prices

Automatic price updates will be delivered on a weekly basis, so you can always be confident that your trade prices are as accurate as they can be. We get this information directly from manufacturers and check for errors before compiling our updates. We’ll also send a bulletin summarising any changes.

Accurate install times

We’re proud to include highly accurate labour times against all items, which makes our database completely unique and makes estimating your labour costs much easier. The average time it takes to install any given item has been determined and double-checked by industry experts.

Updating our estimating database prices

Our small, dedicated team are always focused on efficiency and accuracy. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is consistently up-to-date for our clients, including available products and ranges, trade prices and labour times.

We run our own checks regularly and listen to user feedback in order to guarantee everything is as accurate as we can make it.

Plumbing Mechanical Electrical Database

We have great relationships with most of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, including BSS, PTS and Rexel. We source information about potential price changes directly from these manufacturers. This includes actively getting in touch with our contacts regularly to check for new updates and building a schedule of when we expect updated prices to come into effect.

When we get notified of any changes, these are automatically checked for any changes that are more significant than usual, as this can be an indicator that an error has been made. When such errors get flagged, our team will check with the manufacturer for an accurate price. This is often how manufacturers’ errors get spotted and corrected.

After verifying all prices, we use our own bespoke system to compile price update files for our estimating database and send them out to all our software users. This process is repeated on a weekly basis to ensure maximum accuracy at any given time, which means we can guarantee our prices are as accurate as the latest information we have from suppliers.

How our accuracy guarantee works

If you find a price in our database doesn’t match the latest information from the manufacturer, please let us know. If we missed it on our latest update, we’ll be happy to refund you that month’s payment for your software subscription.

Why do we offer this guarantee? Because we want you to feel 100% confident with the prices in our database. We offer the money-back guarantee because even if it happens very rarely, it’s still not your fault if we happen to miss something.

*Please see our Terms page for full details.


items in our database including accurate trade prices and labour times


leading manufacturer ranges of mechanical/plumbing and electrical items


years of being known for reliability and accuracy with our estimating software

What’s included in our mechanical and electrical database

The database that our software is based on offers two main choices to users: mechanical/plumbing or electrical. Within these trade-based databases there are categories and subcategories for all commonly-used items, making it easy for users to find what they need for a job.

The great thing about a well-maintained and industry-specific estimating database is that it saves you time and effort simultaneously. There’s no need to waste time searching through lists of irrelevant items like you would have to in a generic database. Without knowing the specific code or name of an item, you can easily find each one in a logical place by clicking through headings and groups.

Our database is also set up with assemblies (also commonly referred to as kits or composites) which serve as shortcuts whenever you need to add a combination of multiple items into your project. These can be custom built based on what you usually use in your business.

We’ve selected the product ranges in our database very carefully over the years. Commonly requested manufacturers and suppliers have been added as required. This has brought us to the point where we have a fantastic range to choose from and an unrivalled level of detail for each item. This includes up-to-date prices and accurate average labour times for every single item, a rare advantage offered by very few providers. Our current database contains over a quarter of a million items from hundreds of manufacturers.

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