Estimating, Take-Off and Project Management software for UK electrical contractors

EES Data Electrical Estimating Takeoff Software

Powerful electrical estimating software

EES Data is the UK’s best choice for electrical estimating software that lets you prioritise accuracy and attention to detail when pricing new projects.

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On Screen Takeoff Software

EES Data Electrical Take-Off Software

Using simple on-screen take-off tools, replace your paper drawings with PDF files.


EES Estimating Software Estimation

EES Data Electrical Estimating Software

Create estimates quickly and easily using items in your customisable electrical database.

Project Management

Construction Project Management Software UK MEP Electrical Mechanical Plumbing

EES Data Electrical Project Management Software

Keep a detailed overview of your progress and generate reports of changes to your real costs.

Key advantages of our software

All premium-level features included as standard

Full support

Contact our experienced and friendly support team by phone or email, and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.


Our huge database of over 150,000 electrical items is essential to our estimating software.

Install times

Install times based on real contractors’ knowledge are included in our database, and available as a PDF guide.

Key software features

We’ve packed each of our software products with as many helpful tools as possible, giving you maximum control over your costs and how they’re calculated.

Many of these features are more advanced than you’d find in most estimating systems. For example, electrical contractors love our customisable assemblies (pre-set kits consisting of multiple components) which are a fantastic time-saver.

But before all that, here are some of the core features you can expect from EES Data…

Create PDF take-offs

Start your electrical take-off virtually instead of on paper, using just a PDF drawing and our intutuive on-screen Take-Off software.

Import your take-off

When you’re ready, move to our electrical Estimating program and import all your progress, including all quantities and measurements.

Add database items

Add electrical items from our database, featuring popular ranges of cabling, distribution boards, general wiring accessories, lighting and more.

Weekly price updates

Your discounts will automatically be applied to the most recent trade price we have for any given item, keeping your cost prices accurate.

Generate reports quickly

Instantly see all your total costs (materials, labour and so on) in the form of the Summary Table, and select from a wide range of useful reports.

Advanced, powerful tools

You can choose to go into a high level of detail to fine-tune your estimate, or keep it quick and simple with all your usual preferences; the choice is yours.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Our electrical product range

It’s highly likely that almost every component you normally use will be in our database. To give you a very small handful of examples, you’ll find…

You’ll also find suppliers’ own ranges featured in our database, including ranges like Newlec from Rexel and Acel from Electric Center.

Electrical estimating software database products

How to use our electrical estimating database

One of the most important things that our users rely on is the huge range of electrical products in our database. This is probably the single biggest reason why most of our customers would struggle to switch to any other system after getting used to ours.

EES Data has been running for a long time, so it’s fair to say that we’ve put a lot off effort into curating our brilliant database and maintaining it over the years. It’s only by dealing directly with so many electrical contractors every day that we have such a thorough understanding of the product ranges on offer. As a result, you can choose from literally hundreds of ranges when you’re using our electrical take-off and estimating software, selecting precisely the products you intend to use.

Not only are the products in the database, but they also come with all the information you need. Labour times (based on industry averages and verified by qualified experts) are associated with every single item. Trade prices are kept up to date via our weekly update system, and your discounts are stored with the rest of your company details in the software so these are automatically applied to the current price.

This makes the process as easy as possible for you. Just find the product you want, type in your required quantity, and all the associated costs are instantly accounted for in your estimate without any further calculation or effort on your part. It really couldn’t be easier to generate estimates with this degree of accuracy.

Cloud software for electrical contractors

Work on your electrical estimates at home, in the office or even on-site with our take-off, estimating and project management software on the cloud.

This allows you to access your software online from any enabled device, because the program itself and all your data are stored on a virtual drive. It’s efficient, secure, and perfect for team collaboration.

End-to-end software solutions for electrical estimators

EES Data gives electrical contractors a complete end-to-end solution, which is a fantastic advantage when you’re looking to streamline your estimating process and increase your profitability. By starting and finishing your project using one consistent software system, you save a huge amount of time and effort throughout the process.

The first step is opening a PDF drawing in our Take-Off software. The digital tools available in the program are very easy to pick up if you’re reasonably comfortable using software. (If you’re not, don’t worry – our training is very detailed and geared towards new users with no background in computing.)

As you go along producing your take-off digitally, the list of materials and quantities you’ll need to carry out the work is automatically built up alongside the marked-up drawing. This means you can immediately export it when you’re ready and import it straight into the Estimating program.

Once you get to this point, it’s just a matter of tweaking everything until your estimate is calculated and displayed exactly as you want it to be. Remember that your supplier discounts, standard labour rates and so on are automatically applied, so it takes very little time to input the rest of your project costs and generate the final totals.

Following this, you’ll be ready to export reports in your preferred format and create the documents you’ll be submitting to the client. At this point, you can go one step further with our Project Management software and continue to manage the live project using the same original data. As you go along, changes can be accounted for and reported on in the correct manner, making communication with your team and the client much smoother.

From beginning to end, a lot of duplication is avoided by working with the same data continuously through one interconnected family of software. You’ll also dramatically cut down the chance of making mistakes because you won’t have to manually copy over any figures. It’s a far better way of working – in fact, we’ve heard countless times from electrical contractors that they simply couldn’t manage going back to their old methods.

Electrical software training made easy

Our online training sessions are designed to make everything easy for you as a contractor. We just want to get you started using the software and increasing your efficiency as soon as possible.

We only deliver one-to-one sessions (unless you want several members of your team on the same session), so there are never any group sessions with users from other companies. You’ll get dedicated time with your trainer to ask questions and make sure you’re fully confident using the software.

If you ever need any more help, or just want to refresh your memory about how a particular feature works, just get in touch.

Why use electrical estimating software at all?

To run your business successfully and make consistent, healthy profits, as a electrical contractor you need to put yourself in the best possible position to estimate new projects accurately. This is central to your ability to bid competitively and make good margins on the work you do.

One of the biggest pitfalls to avoid as an electrical contractor is making mistakes when you compile an estimate for a new project or a new potential client. These can quickly spiral out of control if left undetected in the early stages, potentially ruining any chance you have of making money on the job.

So why is it that so many contractors rush through their estimates without paying attention to the finer details, or use unprofessional systems like notepads or simple worksheets to put together such important documents?

Well, it’s not a process that any electrical contractor tends to enjoy, so it’s understandable that many people find it frustrating and just want to get the estimate done and sent as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s actually counter-productive in many cases to try and do this without an appropriate system in place. Ideally, your estimating software should be specifically created for electrical contractors so it saves you as much time and effort as possible as you work through your task.

That’s exactly what our software does for you. At EES Data, our Windows– and cloud-based take-off, estimating and project management solutions are all built with contractors in mind, by people who have worked in the industry for their entire careers. The data that goes into our unrivalled database of electrical items comes direct from manufacturers and is regularly updated.

The result of this is a consistent platform consisting of three seamlessly-connected programs, all created with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn (even if you’re not a software expert). The point is to take away the stress from the estimating process, giving you the confidence to get started on the real work while feeling comfortable that you’ll make a healthy profit.

Ready to see how the system works?