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Labour Times Guide

Download your FREE copy of our Labour Times Guide, a quick shortcut to producing accurate estimates based on industry-average plumbing, mechanical and electrical installation times.

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Why are we giving this Labour Times Guide away for free?

We just want to do one small thing to help make your life easier as a contractor.

We could charge for our Labour Times Guide like some other companies do, but we prefer to share the knowledge we’ve built up over the years. If it makes things quicker and easier for you, that’s a win for everyone.

Why installation times matter

When your goal is to make your estimates as accurate as possible (so you can be confident about the costs and profits associated with a new project), you need to account for everything you possibly can.

However, it’s usually difficult to factor in your labour costs without in-depth analysis before you even submit your estimate for the client’s consideration. Most busy contractors do not have time to review every detail of a quote and try to guess how long it will take them on-site to get the job done.

If you submit your estimate without doing this, however, it’s likely that your labour costs might spiral out of control when it comes to the live project. Alternatively, you might have to roughly guess what your costs might be and find a way to distribute this elsewhere in the project, but this can also lead to inaccuracy and a lack of control further down the line.

Having access to industry-average electrical and/or plumbing and mechanical labour times is a fantastic solution to this problem. With the install times built into our database (all included as standard when you use our estimating software), or by referring to our quick PDF guide, you can accurately account for realistic install times on an item-by-item basis. This gives you confidence that the overall figures for your job will be as accurate as possible.

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Once people see for themselves how useful it is to have reliable data at their fingertips, lots of M&E contractors are very keen to try our take-off and estimating software.

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Where do our labour times come from?

For over 35 years, EES Data has worked closely with contractors on a day-to-day basis, providing software support and assistance with nearly every aspect of estimating.

As a result of working together with our users for so many years, we’ve built up a great deal of knowledge about mechanical and electrical estimating. When you’re helping people every single day, it’s hard not to pick up some understanding of what they’re doing with our software!

Alongside the database of items we’ve created during this time, our ever-increasing knowledge has also allowed us to enhance the database with more detail than any other software platform that we know of. Most notably, this includes the industry-average mechanical, plumbing and/or electrical installation times associated with every single item in the database.

All the times in our database have been checked and verified by independent contractors in their respective fields, and constantly kept up to date if needed. The vast majority of the times in the system itself have been used by real contractors for years as part of their estimates, and the result speak for themselves.

Today, many leading contractors rely on this data (either in the form of our Labour Times Guide or the full database in the software) as a quick and accurate way to account for time spent on site installing each item while they build their estimates and tenders.

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Terms of Use

Our Labour Times Guide is free to use by professional contractors in the plumbing/mechanical and electrical engineering industries. This guide is provided free of charge for the purpose of assisting with estimating, providing an approximate guide for plumbing/mechanical and electrical installation times on M&E projects. It is intended as a guide only and as such we do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information in this guide. It is not permitted without express written permission from EES Data Ltd. to copy, reproduce or redistribute this guide or the information within in any physical or electronic format, including any type of software or database. It is not permitted to sell, copy, rent, lease or create a derivative works based on the whole or any part of the information in this document.

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