Estimating, Take-Off and Project Management software for UK mechanical contractors

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User-friendly mechanical estimating software

For mechanical contractors who want maximum reliability and trust when it comes to pricing, EES Data is the ideal mechanical estimating software system for your needs.

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On Screen Takeoff Software

EES Data Mechanical Take-Off Software

Work quickly and digitally on PDF take-offs, with an easy and intuitive interface.


EES Estimating Software Estimation

EES Data Mechanical Estimating Software

Easily build estimates using items, prices and rates from a database that’s built for you.

Project Management

Construction Project Management Software UK MEP Electrical Mechanical Plumbing

EES Data Mechanical Project Management Software

Keep track of your current project costs using one seamlessly-integrated system.

Key advantages of our software

All premium-level features included as standard

Full support

Contact our experienced and friendly support team by phone or email, and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.


Our huge database of over 100,000 mechanical items is essential to our estimating software.

Install times

Install times based on real contractors’ knowledge are included in our database, and available as a PDF guide.

Key software features

Our software is optimised to help you out as much as possible throughout your workflow, so there are a lot of features to discover beyond the basics.

Before you get onto the more advanced sets of features and tools, here’s a selection of the core elements you’ll become familiar with as you get to know our mechanical estimating software…

Create PDF take-offs

Our Take-Off software allows you to work on PDF drawings, the same way you would with print-outs (but quicker and easier).

Import your take-off

Importing that data into the Estimating system gives you a list of quantities and measurements to build your estimate.

Add database items

Our well-organised and easy-to-use database includes a huge range of mechanical components from the most popular manufacturers.

Weekly price updates

Prices are all dealt with for you, so no manual calculations are needed. Your supplier discounts are applied to the latest trade price.

Generate reports quickly

Review your costs and export reports after your totals have been automatically calculated, allowing you to move forward with the project.

Advanced, powerful tools

Whether your next project is a straightforward one using your usual settings, or needs a lot of detailed engineering, EES lets you do it quickly.

Logical, user-friendly interface

The look of our software has been designed to make your workflow as smooth as possible. It’s easy to understand where you are in the process and what comes next.

With our free demo, you’ll learn how to navigate around the software. You’ll quickly become familiar with our straightforward interface.

Our mechanical product range

Our mechanical estimating software database is populated with over a 100,000 everyday items from leading manufacturers. To give you a tiny sample of what’s included, you’ll find…

Supplier’s own ranges such as BSS (Boss) and Wolseley (Jet) are also in our mechanical database.

Mechanical estimating software database products

How to use our mechanical estimating database

The ability to select mechanical components from a huge range of widely-used manufacturers and suppliers is certainly a key feature that keeps our users loyal to EES. There’s no better option on the market for contractors who need to produce highly reliable mechanical estimates with labour times and cost prices built into the software.

We’ve earned our position over a period of decades, working closely with experts in their respective fields to build up the excellent database we have today. It’s been maintained over the years by our dedicated team (with help from our clients’ feedback) so it remains as accurate as possible. Our industry knowledge comes direct from the source and, as a result, we’re confident that we have a range of software products that are extremely well suited to the task at hand.

Getting the products you need in the database is just the first step for a reliable estimating process. We further help you along the way by including plenty of useful data against every single one of those components. Not only are your discounted cost prices always up to date thanks to the weekly updates sent out via our system, but they also come with installation labour times which have all been determined and verified by real mechanical contracting experts.

All you need to do is use our database search tool to look up the component you want to add to your take-off or estimate. There’s no need to memorise countless product reference numbers, because our team have carefully edited the item descriptions in the database to be as user-friendly as possible. Once you’ve found what you’re looked for (which is easy when you use our intuitive category system to find it), just enter the quantity and everything else is automatic.

Cloud software for mechanical contractors

Many modern contractors prefer the option to use their mechanical estimating software on the cloud, so this has become one of our most popular services.

Being on the cloud means you don’t need to store your programs or data on your computer. You can access it anywhere, from any device for maximum productivity.

Software to simplify your entire mechanical estimating process

EES Data is a suite of programs that allows you handle the entire project from start to finish. This makes it a clear front-runner for contractors looking for a reliable and consistent system. Making more money (which should be anyone’s goal when looking for business-focused software) is made much easier when you only need to input the raw data once and continue to built on that from the initial stages right through to completion.

In a typical example of a mechanical contractor using the system, you would open a PDF file from the client in our mechanical Take-Off software. At this stage you’re presented with a fantastic set of digital take-off tools which allow you to do everything you might usually do with highlighters, rulers and so on. Everything is just quicker and simpler because it’s digital.

Note: if your instinct is to do things the “old-fashioned way” and you’re not usually keen on technology, then EES is probably one of the best systems for you to try. Our training programme will make sure you’re fully confident.

During the on-screen take-off stage, the software will convert all the markup you do into a list of items with quantities and measurements. This is what gets imported from the Take-Off program into our mechanical Estimating software, giving you a head start and removing the need to duplicate what you’ve done so far (which is great, as it prevents human error from occurring during the transfer – plus it means you get to move onto the next stage immediately).

The Estimating software gives you a high degree of control, if you choose to use all of the advanced tools. Value engineering is a key point of many mechanical estimates, so you’ll be able to do this as much as you need in a short amount of time. Bear in mind that the vast majority of calculations (labour rates, markup, discounts etc.) will be done for you using all your default data unless you choose to override this.

Finally, when you’re happy with the figures you’re seeing in the Summary Table, you have the option to export this information in whatever form you like. This is useful for progressing to the next steps and communicating what needs to be shared with the relevant stakeholders, including your (potential) client.

The last stage is usually to move onto the mechanical Project Management software. This takes the estimate you’ve created as a starting point and allows you to make changes, for example on a month-by-month basis, as the project goes live. This means you can properly account for any alterations which tend to occur with mechanical projects. Communication is made easier by the option to export reports that highlight anything you’ve changed since the original estimate.

Overall, it’s not hard to see why so many users love using EES Data and wouldn’t be able to manage their projects with the same level of efficiency if they couldn’t use our system. Everything along the process is optimised to speed things up while giving you greater confidence in the output.

Our easy online training programme

An essential part of our service, regardless of which software you choose, is our online training sessions. We deliver these after you sign up so you can get started as quickly as possible.

You (and your colleagues, if you prefer) will learn all the basics of how to use the software, plus plenty of advanced features. You’ll also have the chance to ask us any questions you like.

But you don’t have to remember every single thing – just contact Support any time you want a refresher.

Why should you use mechanical estimating software at all?

To run your business successfully and make consistent, healthy profits, as a mechanical contractor you need to put yourself in the best possible position to estimate new projects accurately. This is central to your ability to bid competitively and make good margins on the work you do.

Estimating is a skill in itself, and often considered something that can only be learned with a vast amount of on-the-job experience. This isn’t untrue, although it’s also true that the systems you rely on to assist you with those estimates will make a huge impact on your success.

This doesn’t just apply to people who already use software; everyone uses a system of some kind, whether it’s handwritten notes on paper that you’ve gathered over the years, or a spreadsheet on your computer that you use to keep track of your manufacturer discounts, labour rates for site work and so on.

However, many contractors (based on our decades of working directly with experts in the mechanical plumbing field) don’t have the right systems in place. Their workflow is often interrupted by using a system that’s not designed with contracting in mind, like a generic spreadsheet program or even some estimating software products on the market. Wasting time and making calculation errors can be fatal to a project or even to your entire business.

That’s why it’s so important to use a tailored system like EES Data, which uses a Windows-based framework and is built for contractors from the ground up. Everything about the system is optimised to aid your natural workflow, remove as much repetitive work as possible and increase the chances of your finalised estimate being accurate and profitable.

Ready to see how the system works?