Estimating, Take-Off and Project Management software for UK plumbing contractors

EES Data Plumbing Estimating Takeoff Software

Trade-specific plumbing estimating software

If you’re a plumbing and heating contractor who prioritises accuracy and confidence when pricing projects, EES Data has the perfect plumbing estimating software for you and your business.

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On Screen Takeoff Software

EES Data Plumbing Take-Off Software

Create on-screen take-offs with user-friendly tools using PDF drawing files.


EES Estimating Software Estimation

EES Data Plumbing Estimating Software

Create reliable estimates with accurate prices and rates more easily than ever.

Project Management

Construction Project Management Software UK MEP Electrical Mechanical Plumbing

EES Data Plumbing Project Management Software

Manage your real-time project costs from initial start date to completion.

Key advantages of our software

All premium-level features included as standard

Full support

Our friendly support team are here to help you via phone or email, so just get in touch whenever you need us.


Our massive plumbing database contains all the most popular items from leading UK suppliers.

Install times

Installation labour time estimates against every item in the database are a huge time-saving feature.

Key software features

To give you as much control as possible, we’ve worked over the years to fit countless helpful features and tools into each of our software products.

Some of these features are the everyday basics that you’ll be using all the time to create your plumbing estimates, while others might only be needed once in a while when you want to do something very specific.

As an overview of the main features, here are some key examples…

Create PDF take-offs

Your plumbing take-off no longer needs to be on paper – you can do all that (and more) in our easy-to-use Take-Off software.

Import your take-off

After generating a list of materials and quantities, save time by importing this straight into our plumbing Estimating software.

Add database items

Choose from popular plumbing items in our database, including copper and plastic tubing, fittings, boilers, valves and all kinds of components.

Weekly price updates

When prices update in our database (based on changes issued by manufacturers), your discounts will be set against the new price.

Generate reports quickly

View your totals in the Summary Table for labour, materials and all other costs, then choose which reports you’d like to generate.

Advanced, powerful tools

Go into as much depth as you need to with your calculations. You can use preset rates or customise your settings per project.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Our plumbing product range

In most cases, you’ll find that our extensive plumbing database contains all the parts you need. A small sample of typical ranges includes…

Supplier’s own ranges are also included from the likes of City Plumbing, Smith Brothers, BSS (Boss) and Wolseley (Jet).

Plumbing estimating software database products

How to use our plumbing estimating database

The sheer number of different plumbing components and complete ranges featured in our database is probably the thing we get the most positive feedback about from our users. In fact, they often get so used to it that they’d be lost without it.

Since we started trading in the early 1980s, we’ve picked up a thing or two about how contractors work in the plumbing industry and the best ways to help their workflow along using our software. The database has been meticulously looked after by our team over the years, with our daily experiences talking to contractors feeding directly into how we manage it. We’ve learned a lot over this time about product ranges, how plumbing experts work on a day-to-day basis, and what they value most when it comes to a database for take-off and estimating purposes.

As a result, it’s not just product descriptions and approximate price guidelines that you’ll find listed in the database. Every specific item has an up-to-date price estimate based on the latest data we have from that manufacturer. If they inform us of a change, it will be reflected in the update we send out to your system. Of course, your discounts will be applied so the price you see in the system reflects your real cost price as accurately as possible.

To help you even more, labour times are also included against every component. These are confirmed by experts in the field for maximum reliability. You’ll be amazed how much the time savings add up when you don’t have to work all of this out manually.

Overall, we’ve simplified the process as much as we can. You only need to look up the item you want using our search function (no need to remember every single part number!) and everything will be automatically factored into the final figures.

Cloud software for plumbing contractors

Our cloud platform gives you the flexibility to work from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a device that supports remote desktop connection.

Whether you’re at home on your laptop, at the office using your work PC or even out on site using your mobile device, you can access your software on the cloud – ideal for teams working on projects.

Complete software solutions for plumbing contractors

EES Data provides both consistency and flexibility for plumbing contractors who value accuracy and reliability above all else. If you want a dependable solution to help you simplify your process – and ultimately make more money in doing so – then this is the family of software products for you. From end-to-end, you can use one interconnected system to get the job done.

The starting point for users of our plumbing Take-Off software is to open a drawing in the form of a PDF file (or an image – whatever the client has provided digitally). If you’ve ever used any kind of drawing software you’ll find it very easy to navigate around and use our on-screen take-off tools. If not, it’s extremely easy to pick up with a little practice.

When you follow the process of taking off on the digital drawing, you’ll have an auto-generated list of all the materials, components, quantities and measurements you’ll need to put together an estimate. This data doesn’t have to be copied across manually like you might be used to with a spreadsheet-based system. You can import it directly into our plumbing Estimating software which converts it into the correct format.

Your estimate is effectively sketched out already, so at the point you’ll only be selecting the specific ways you want the figures to be calculated. If you want to use standard labour rates these are already set up for your company and very quick to apply. If anything needs to be tailored to this specific job, then you can do so with a very high level of detail. Things like supplier discounts are also preset, so there’s barely any working out to be done.

Once all your costs are accounted for, you can choose from a selection of useful reports to export in the appropriate format and get everything ready to submit to the prospective client. Other reports are designed for internal use and information purposes – you’ll be able to show or hide whatever details you need to.

Finally, if you use our plumbing Project Management software to help you complete the process, you’ll have the ability to stay on top of your ongoing project costs in real time on a month-to-month basis. There will inevitably be changes when you start working on-site and things start to become real, but that doesn’t mean your estimate becomes useless. The exact same data you used to create the estimate can be adjusted through the system, allowing you to account for all changes in a professional way that makes communication and transparency much easier for everyone involved.

So what are the benefits of this complete, end-to-end solution? Well, just consider how many times you saved yourself from having to duplicate your work by doing it this way. Each time this happens you’re also cutting down your chance of making mistakes quite significantly, since human error is unavoidable every now and then. Already you can probably see why people who’ve been using EES Data for years are completely converted to a new, smarter way of working.

Dedicated, simple software training

To help you get to grips with using our plumbing estimating software confidently, a crucial part of our service is the exclusive one-to-one training sessions we deliver online for all new software users.

We know that contractors don’t always use software on a daily basis, so we put a lot of effort into ensuring you’re comfortable and confident enough to get great value from your software.

If you want several of your colleagues on the same training session, that’s no problem at all. But you won’t have to share your training with anyone else, so our trainer is completely dedicated to you during that time. Ask anything you need to,  and we’ll help you as much as we can.

After your initial training, we’re only ever one email or phone call away, so please get in touch if you need more help.

Why use plumbing estimating software at all?

For plumbing and heating contractors, estimating is a vital part of the process when taking on any major project, but it isn’t easy. Using the right technology is a huge advantage, but even that still requires a lot of skill and expert knowledge to get it right. Even some users of dedicated plumbing estimating software still struggle to get the results they want.

In our experience, many specialists in the UK and around the world are still relying on outdated methods which are making the process much harder than it needs to be. Using handwritten calculations on paper to calculate cost and sell rates for your jobs comes with a lot of obvious problems; it’s slow, agonising and very likely to lead to human errors. Small errors at the beginning of the process tend to be a contractor’s worst enemy because they can quickly multiply and have serious cost implications.

Using software isn’t the solution in itself, because not all software is equally suited to the task at hand. Many contractors use Excel spreadsheets or similar programs to manage their discount lists, labour rates and so on, sometimes even using spreadsheets to create estimates for potential clients. This offers a slight improvement in consistency over handwritten notes, but the software doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do and therefore offers very little guidance or error checking.

Even using estimating software that isn’t properly tailored to plumbing and heating jobs can waste a lot of time and cause frustration. If you have any experience using a generic estimating software platform, we understand why you’re here considering an alternative.

That’s where EES Data is different. Our Windows- or cloud-based system covers the entire estimating process from the initial plumbing take-off all the way through to ongoing project management. Our flexible range of software solutions are perfect for plumbing and heating specialists who need real confidence when pricing, as our extensive database powers everything (plus you’ll get unlimited access to the support offered by our friendly and experienced team).

Ready to see how the system works?