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EES Data Project Management Software


EES Data’s Project Management software designed for the UK construction industry allows you to retain full control over your costs, even when you need to make unexpected changes to ongoing live projects.

Based on your original estimate, our MEP Project Management software allows you to account for everything in one place.

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Key features of our Project Management software

All premium-level features included as standard

Total control

Get a quick understanding of your live project costs in real-time, factoring in changes to your initial estimate.

Seamless integration

After starting a project in our take-off or estimating system, continue to manage your costs with the same platform.

Full support

Our highly-trained team are on hand to offer any support you need across our full software range, by phone or email.

Software designed for your trade

Your specific niche within the construction industry makes a difference to the way your projects need to be managed. At EES Data, we understand this and tailor our software to your field. To learn more about how we do this, click the button below to request a free live demo.

Plumbing project management software

For commercial and industrial plumbers, our software is perfect for keeping track of ongoing costs and changes with large or small projects.

Mechanical project management software

If your firm provides any type of mechanical system for large-scale construction projects, our management platform is ideal.

Electrical project management software

Contractors specialising in electrical systems on a large scale also find our cost management software works perfectly for their business.

MEP project management software

If your business covers multiple services, EES Data is an excellent choice to manage all of them consistently with just one platform.

Why UK contractors need project management software

We understand that things change from the early stages of a project as you move along the timeline. The construction industry can be unpredictable, and there are many reasons why your costs may vary from what you initially planned for as time goes on.

However, with the help of trade-specific construction project management software UK contractors can get a much better idea of their real costs. Since the platform integrates with your original estimating system, you can maintain full control over your costs – even when circumstances change.

One key example is that material prices can change, which is almost inevitable for projects with relatively long timescales. Using our estimating software which includes weekly price updates directly from manufacturers is an extremely smart way to make sure your estimates are as accurate as possible. Even then, prices tend to vary over time, so you need to be able to keep track of this and make sure your profit margins aren’t in danger.

Of course, labour prices can also vary. Totals are obviously affected by the time required on site, for example when installing each individual part of a system. This can also be mostly accounted for by using software like EES Data, thanks to the accurate labour times associated with every product in our trade database. Again, though, over the course of a large project there are other considerations that can affect your labour costs. Delays outside of your control are one of the most common potential factors.

On top of all this, there are dozens of other factors that contribute to your final costs. Crews or subcontractors may need to be replaced. Completion dates may be pushed back or even brought forward. A limitless number of potential problems could surface during the construction process, leading to changes to your overall costs. So how can you stop these costs from spiraling out of control?

How our project management software works

With our EES Data Project Management platform (running either directly on Windows 10 or on our cloud platform), you can track and control your live project costs. By compiling all important information and changes in one place, based on the original estimate your created in our Estimating program, you never need to lose sight of what’s happening with a project.

This makes it so much easier to remain confident with the way you’re managing your job, and get up-to-date information about progress in just a few clicks. It makes all the difference having specific construction project management software, UK based support and a program that’s built by people with knowledge of your trade.

As a result, you can use the system to export your updated information in a useful format to send to your client, so you can maintain a professional level of control and keep the client in the loop.

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