Our software product range

EES Data offers a collection of software products which are all designed with one goal in mind: to give contractors more confidence when pricing projects. Our programs integrate seamlessly and give you maximum control over your costs as a plumbing, mechanical or electrical contractor.


The latest upgrade to our EES Data software framework now includes PDF take-off software, which is often the starting point for contractors looking to take on a new project. Simply load up a drawing in the form of a PDF file, then use the on-screen tools to take all the necessary measurements, quantities and so on.

This gives you access to our comprehensive database, so you can place items on the take-off while specifying quantities and other details. Creating a take-off in the EES system also allows you to import that information directly into the estimating program and proceed with your project.


Our estimating platform is the same whether you’re a small commercial contractor or a multi-national firm, and you have access to the same database. The system is designed to be easy to learn and highly relevant for engineers who work in the industry, regardless of scale.

Depending on the level of detail you want to go into, there are dozens of powerful features and options to explore. Weekly price updates are included as part of our standard service, plus access to help from our fantastic support team, as well as regular updates to the software itself.

Project Management

After completing your estimate and proceeding to the next stage of the project, you can also manage your costs moving forward with our optional Project Management software. This add-on module enables you to monitor material and labour costs, submit monthly payment applications based on work done, and more useful features.

Heat Loss Calculator

This standalone product is particularly useful for plumbing and heating contractors. The software accurately calculates heat losses on a room by room basis, which is a powerful feature when planning heating installation for residential projects.

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