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EES Data Take-Off Software


EES Data’s Take-Off software is the perfect companion to our reliable and powerful estimating program.

For UK contractors who start their projects by studying drawings, our technology allows you to easily build the basis of your estimate just using a PDF file and a few simple on-screen take-off tools.

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Key features of our Take-Off software

All premium-level features included as standard

Easy-to-use interface

Our take-off system is extremely intuitive and simple for contractors to use, saving you up to several hours per estimate.

Accurate results

Add items from our database, and use on-screen tools with digital precision to ensure accurate measurements.

Full support

Unlimited access to help and live remote assistance from our knowledgeable in-house team, either by phone or email.

Take-Off software features

Some of our most popular tools and features include…

Import PDF files

Our on-screen tools allow you to import and work with PDF files or images from wherever you are, which is much more convenient than working with paper drawings.

Select scale

Choose the scale of your drawing from a handy drop-down list, which ensures all your on-screen measurements are translated accurately into real-world dimensions and units.

View controls

Use intuitive controls to pan around the drawing, zoom in and out (for example by using the mouse wheel) and control which area you’re focusing on.

Manage layers

Use colour-coded layers to keep different categories separate on your drawing. This helps you keep track of multiple services on one single drawing.


Select individual items or pre-made assemblies from our reliable database. Choose from your own favourites, search your entire database or free-type custom items.

Export take-off

When you’ve finished working with the PDF, you can import the results into our Estimating software. This gives you everything you need to price up your materials and labour.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Cloud-based take-off software

Our take-off software is built for Windows-based platforms, since the vast majority of the contracting industry now use Windows 10 and are most comfortable using this system. This is a great solution for users who are happy and able to install and run the software on their own PC.

However, we also offer cloud take-off software – the exact same program, but installed on a virtual machine with remote access instead of directly on the user’s machine. With our cloud-based platform, you’ll have unique credentials which can be set up as a desktop shortcut. This gives you instant access to the software in the cloud wherever you happen to be, and allows you to use the take-off software for Mac, Windows, Linux or any other operating system that can run an app to access the Cloud.

Our cloud take-off software is fully supported by our in-house team, just the same as the Windows-based version.  In fact, we have dedicated cloud technicians who are fully trained on the platform and ready to support you with any questions you may have.

Introducing our free take-off software demo

The most effective way to get more details about our take-off platform (and how it integrates with the rest of our system) is to book a free demo. We encourage everyone to try this as a starting point when getting to know EES and how it all works.

We’ll connect remotely to share our screen on your computer, which allows us to show you live examples of how to use the software while answering any questions you have.

We provide the demo as a live chat so we can tailor it to how your business works, which gives you a great overview of the functionality and how our software might offer better results than what you’re currently doing.

To book your free demo and get your introduction to EES Data, just click below.

What’s included with our Take-Off software

Our EES Data take-off software (for Mac or PC, when you use the cloud) is designed to really speed up the initial process of starting to quote for a new project. In the event that a potential client provides you with PDF drawing files, the software eliminates the need to get these printed (which can be costly and time-consuming whether done in-house or by an external company). Instead, simply open the files in the software and begin using the on-screen tools provided.

The goal when completing a take-off is to create a list of required parts and materials so you know what needs to be listed in your estimate. With this in mind, our software gets you to this point much faster by making every step of the process digital. You can even import the finished take-off seamlessly into our estimating platform when it’s complete.

The issue with traditional take-offs

Why use digital methods to complete your take-off in the first place? Not only are paper-based take-offs often considered one of the least enjoyable parts of a contractor’s job, they can be very frustrating because you’re simply not making any more for the time you spend working on a take-off. It’s all about getting to the end result as quickly as possible, so you know what costings you can go back to the potential client with. As deadlines loom for tender submissions, all you really want is for the estimate to be complete so you can submit a quote and hopefully secure some income for your business in the near future.

The problem with this process is it incentivises contractors to work faster, and this can unfortunately lead to a higher chance of making mistakes. Errors when it comes to pricing can be small, or they can be huge. Experienced firms have been driven out of business entirely because of costly mistakes in the estimating process for large projects.

Whether you go slowly and try to make sure your take-off is accurate, or you speed up to win the race and risk making more mistakes, it can be a lose-lose situation in a competitive industry. The only way to really see a drastic improvement at this stage of the estimating process is to move away from outdated methods (i.e. using pencils and rulers to complete take-offs from oversized printed drawings) and switch to digital alternatives.

How EES Data revolutionises your take-off process

We’ve taken the same industry experience and time-saving approach to estimating that we used to develop our software since the beginning, and applied all of that to the take-off process. The result is a digital platform that can fit seamlessly into your current workflow and make everything much easier, with intuitive controls and full support.

Since our take-off program is part of the EES Data software range, it wouldn’t be the same without being totally focused on accuracy and reliability. After all, many of our clients have invested their trust in us for so many years for this exact reason. So with this in mind, our software works based on the same database as the estimating platform. As a result, you have the ability to add items and assemblies directly from the database which ensures consistency throughout the entire process.

Another thing our take-off software has in common with the other products in our range is that it doesn’t demand a premium subscription to get full access to everything in the system. As always, it’s one straightforward subscription which gives you unlimited use of every feature. There’s no need to upgrade to unlock any hidden functionality; everything in the program is available to all our users.

Take-off software setup and training

Our own team will take responsibility for the initial install and getting your software configured. We’ll connect to your PC over the internet at a pre-arranged time that suits you and get everything set up as it should be. This includes your database which will be configured depending on how you prefer to work, the ranges and items you usually use in your projects and so on.

Full training is included as standard with all our software including the take-off system. We’ll usually deliver as many sessions as you need to feel confident using the program. This normally takes the form of online training; our experts will access your system remotely to show you exactly how everything works. Of course, although everything will be covered in the initial training, we’re more than happy to refresh your memory later.

We focus on delivering excellent training because we think it’s a vital part of our users’ experience with EES Data. The software is powerful and straightforward, but you will always get more value out of it if a real person asks you how you work and shows you exactly how best to leverage the software. That’s why we choose to make this a part of the process for every user.

At the end of our training process, we also find that users come away with a lot more trust in the figures calculated by the software. When you see how the initial take-off feeds through to the estimate and eventually through to the reports that your potential client sees, you’ll feel much more comfortable with your numbers than you were ever able to doing manual calculations under time pressure.

Don’t forget that whenever you need some extra help using the take-off software or any of our other products, our support team is only ever an email or a phone call away. Whichever method you use to get in touch, we’ll respond as soon as we’re able to offer a solution or an answer.

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