Cloud Software

Cloud-based estimating and take-off software you can access from anywhere.

EES Data Cloud Add-On

Our cloud service works as an Add-On for our core products, providing cloud-based take-off, estimating and/or project management software to suit your needs.

How does the cloud service work?

When your software is installed on the cloud, it serves as a virtual desktop PC which you can log into remotely from your own device, as long as you have an active internet connection.

We’ll help you install and set up a remote desktop connection app (whether it’s on your Windows PC, your Mac OS or even your smartphone) which will allow you to log into the virtual desktop and use your cloud software whenever and wherever you like.

Key features of our Cloud software

Connect online, anywhere

Access the software from anywhere you have an internet connection, so you aren’t chained to your office computer.

Work from any device

You can log into your software with any compatible remote desktop app, even from your smartphone.

Team collaboration

Seamlessly share data and jobs between multiple users, allowing you to work efficiently as a team.

Cloud-based estimating and take-off software

Our UK-hosted cloud service works by allowing your data and program files on a virtual computer instead of on your own local machine. This means you don’t actually have EES Data installed on your computer at all. Instead, you use an app to connect to the virtual PC.

Once you’re logged in remotely to the cloud, you’ll see a desktop that looks like any other Windows desktop. This is where your software will be pre-installed and ready to use, just like you would any other app.

Your jobs and data will also be saved and stored securely on the cloud, instead of on your actual PC or laptop. If your team has multiple users. you’ll all be working from the same files.

EES Cloud Estimating Software

How easy is it to get set up on the cloud?

It’s not as complicated as you might think to get started with our cloud-based estimating, take-off or project management software. In fact, the process is probably a little simpler than having the software installed on your own computer.

Most of the setup is done remotely by our friendly in-house support team. We set up your virtual machine with the software you’ve chosen, and configure it to your needs.

Once this is done, we give you the secure login details that you’ll use to access the cloud. It’s also possible to set up shortcuts to make this really easy for you; this is typically just like opening any other program on your computer.

Reasons to choose cloud-based estimating software

It’s fair to say that the construction industry as a whole has proved to be one of the slowest to adopt new technology and software solutions. There are a number of reasons for this; a common one is simply not having enough time to experiment with new ways of working because the next project is always the top priority. Cash flow concerns and a lack of confidence with using software in general are also things that we’ve heard of many times.

However, the industry has picked up the pace in recent years, and the most forward-thinking contractors are making their processes vastly more efficient with the help of technology. We like to think that EES Data is a great example to explain why this is happening: user-friendly, easy-to-use software that simply focuses on making things easier for you.

Our cloud-based software isn’t as complicated as you might think, and offers a number of fantastic benefits. That probably explains why we have more cloud users than ever before, and demand is only increasing. Some of the biggest benefits include…

Keep everything in one place

The cloud environment gives you a single place to keep all of your software, data and files organised. When you’re storing things on your local PC, it’s easy for things to get lost in the chaos and transferring files to someone else so they can work on a project can be inconvenient. When you use our cloud take-off and estimating software, it’s just like everyone using one computer that doesn’t have any other clutter on it. Simple, organised and easy to manage.

Work from anywhere, any time

With a standard software licence, your EES Data software will serve you brilliantly whenever you use it, but that depends how much time you can spend sitting at your computer. For many busy MEP contractors, this is a frustrating limitation because so much time has to be spent on-site or moving around. Occasionally, you might even get some free time to go home! But no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the cloud.

Access with any compatible device

Flexibility is key. Not only can you access it from any location at any time, but perhaps most importantly, you can use different devices. This is a much better alternative to moving your data, jobs and licences between computers when you want to work at home or in the office. You just need a remote desktop connection app (which we’ll help you install). This works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and other operating systems. You can even use a mobile app on your smartphone.

Share workload between your team

You can set up user accounts for each of your team members with our cloud platform, so any of them can log in and use the system. With multiple software licences, several people can work simultaneously. If your colleague has worked on a project, you’ll be working on the same files, so true collaboration is totally seamless. This is another advantage that’s directly linked to the flexibility of the cloud, and the fact that all your data is stored centrally as opposed to locally.

Maximum power and compatibility

Our stable, UK-based cloud has been upgraded with additional resources to provide extra computing power. Without getting too technical, these resources are allocated automatically to provide the best possible user experience. You don’t need to worry about your computer being powerful enough to run multiple programs smoothly, or deal with Windows compatibility issues on your own machine – in fact, you don’t need to be running Windows at all.

Simpler (and cheaper) IT systems

Contractors shouldn’t need to worry about the technical side when it comes to time-saving software, otherwise it defeats the point. If you’ve ever had to set up an over-complicated IT system just to overcome a simple task, you’ll know the feeling. You shouldn’t need extra IT staff or managed services just to run your cloud estimating software. We keep it simple; use an app to log on, and if you have any support queries, our team are here to help.

Better security and recovery options

It’s important to consider security and disaster recovery before these things become a problem. As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. In the event of a major IT issue, you might lose extremely valuable data if you keep everything saved on one PC. With our cloud platform, everything is stored securely and backed up regularly to protect your business. If you ever accidentally lose any data, our team will do their best to restore it from our own backups.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Ready to see how the system works?