Estimating, Take-Off and Project Management software for UK MEP contractors

EES Data MEP M&E Estimating Takeoff Software

Simple, reliable MEP estimating software

EES Data is the premier option for MEP estimating software, fully designed with contractors in mind to save you time and hard work on pricing.

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On Screen Takeoff Software

EES Data MEP Take-Off Software

Swap the paper drawings for PDFs with our powerful take-off system, complete with on-screen tools.


EES Estimating Software Estimation

EES Data MEP Estimating Software

Use our trusted database of items, prices, labour rates and more details to generate estimates.

Project Management

Construction Project Management Software UK MEP Electrical Mechanical Plumbing

EES Data MEP Project Management Software

A hassle-free solution to keep an eye on your ongoing costs and keep your client informed of changes.

Key advantages of our software

All premium-level features included as standard

Full support

Choose either phone or email to stay in touch with our friendly experts and get help if you ever need it.


All our plumbing, mechanical and electrical items are accessible in your MEP estimating software.

Install times

Accurately estimate labour times with no additional effort at all, thanks to our complete set of trusted data.

Key software features

We’ve designed our software to help MEP contractors work more efficiently at every opportunity, so naturally each program is packed with features.

These include not only the basic steps and tools you’ll be using for every project, but also more advanced settings and preferences.

To start with, we’ll summarise the essential features…

Create PDF take-offs

First, load up a PDF drawing using our Take-Off software. You can take-off multiple services on one drawing, so this is ideal for MEP contractors.

Import your take-off

Either load in your take-off or start from scratch in our MEP Estimating software, creating your project with sections to keep everything organised.

Add database items

Our famous MEP database contains everything you need for a typical project – just search and select the quantity to build up your list of materials.

Weekly price updates

Database items include updated trade prices, based on information direct from the UK’s leading manufacturers (plus your discounts are already applied).

Generate reports quickly

The software does the hard work when it comes to calculations, so it’s very quick for you to review the figures and export any pre-set reports you need.

Advanced, powerful tools

With each of our programs, you’ll have an amazing degree of control over your costs – but where it counts, it’s still very quick and simple.

User-friendly, easy-to-learn interface

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

Our MEP product range

Our MEP estimating software database contains many of the UK’s most widely used ranges and manufacturers.

To give you just a couple of examples from different trades, you’ll find…

Supplier’s own ranges are also included, from names such as Rexel, City Plumbing, Wolseley and more.

MEP estimating software database products

How to use our MEP estimating database

There are very few software solutions designed exclusively for MEP contractors, let alone with the level of control and reliability offered by EES Data. The best example of this is our extensive database, and this is one of the most highly appreciated features we provide for our users. It simply makes their lives easier and helps them get their work finished faster, with results they know they can rely on.

We consistently hear from our users how invaluable it is to not only have access to the components they need in our database, but also their trade prices (which are kept up to date by our in-house support team) and extremely accurate installation labour times for each of those items. Everything is built into the software – it really couldn’t be easier.

Creating this seamless system has taken us many years of hard work and experience. The contractors we work with daily have contributed to the industry-specific knowledge we have now, and in turn we’ve always used that to further develop our software and our database. The database is actually growing all the time, with new ranges being added regularly; we select these based on what we know our users want and need.

We’re confident with our software and our knowledge because we’ve built up a fantastic level of trust with both our customers and the manufacturers who provide us with the latest information. As a result, you can also be confident when you use our MEP estimating software (especially our database) that the estimates you produce will stand the highest possible chance of making your business a good profit. From trade prices to install times, plus your company-specific data like labour rates and discounts, our system provides an extremely reliable framework to run your MEP contracting business.

So using our database is very simple from a user’s point of view, after being fully trained on our system and becoming confident with how everything connects together. All you need to do is search, select items and input your quantities. Everything else you need to form the basis of your estimate is dealt with smoothly and automatically, so you can focus on the real work.

Cloud software for MEP contractors

If flexibility is important to your business, our cloud-based MEP estimating software might be perfect for you. Instead of installing the software on your computer, it runs on a virtual PC in the cloud.

This means you (and your team) can access the system from wherever you happen to be working, on any device that supports connecting to a remote desktop – a convenient solution that’s great for collaboration.

End-to-end software designed for MEP contractors

From the first stages of taking on a new project to the final completion date can often be a long and complex process. Even highly experienced MEP contractors often become frustrated at various points in this journey, although we’ve found that the same issues tend to come up again and again when we speak to people. A lack of confidence in the systems you’re using, combined with the high level of effort and concentration required to plan for a typical MEP project, will often lead to problems down the line.

This is why we’ve developed EES Data to become the comprehensive system that it is today. You can use our software to consistently guide you through an entire project, making your work more efficient along the way at every possible opportunity. Simply put, this enables you to make more money while refocusing your attention on ensuring your on-site work is always completed to the best standard.

Let’s explore how it works using a typical example. A new project has become available, and the (potential) client has sent you a PDF drawing with all the required services laid out. EES Data comes in straight away; you can open the PDF in the MEP Take-Off software and get started on your markup with user-friendly, on-screen tools.

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is. Even if using a computer to do this as opposed to pen and paper isn’t something you’d usually do, after our software training you’ll be fully comfortable with it.

Completing your take-off also generates lists of materials and required quantities as you go along. This saves you from having to recreate this list when you progress to the next step; the software will carry everything across when you import the data to the MEP Estimating software. Now you have a 100% accurate list of what you need based on your take-off, and the Estimating system gives you everything you need to transform that into an estimate for your client.

You can do this using all your preset data and settings if you want to use typical labour rates, discounts etc. These are completely customised for your company, but you won’t need to enter them every time you create a project. Of course, overriding or changing anything is also very straightforward with the tools available in the program. You have full control with an amazing range of powerful advanced tools, should you need them.

When you’ve got everything exactly as you want it, you’ll be able to review all the figures in the Summary Table. It’s incredibly easy to make adjustments at this stage too; if you want the overall total price to be a certain figure, for example, you only need to change one number and the software can automatically spread the difference across each area of your estimate (depending on how you’ve set it up).

After this, you have the option of carrying over all you’ve done so far to the MEP Project Management software. Using your estimate as the starting point, there’s a huge range of useful features you can use to ensure you keep full control over the live project moving forward. Changes to your costs, for example, need to be accounted for and communicated in a professional manner so everyone can keep track of what’s happening. This is one thing that’s made easy in our software, so you can manage everything month-by-month without losing track.

You can start to see how EES Data works for MEP contractors who want a total solution to aid with their processes. For a lot of our users, there’s no turning back once they get used to the system. There’s simply nothing quite like it for managing entire projects with absolute confidence, which is increasingly important to modern contractors.

Simple, user-friendly training

Whatever your choice when it comes to software, we’ll deliver the training you need to get started as soon as possible. We want to make sure you get the most out of using EES.

It’s either a one-to-one session, or a group if you want to include your colleagues, but you’ll never have to share your training session with anyone outside your company.

If there’s anything you don’t remember after training, it’s no problem – just contact Support if you need us!

Why MEP estimating software can be so valuable

At EES Data, we understand and appreciate that running your MEP contracting business is complicated enough. You don’t need your estimating process to be any more time consuming or difficult, which is why our software isn’t about that. There’s nothing flashy and unnecessary, just the tools you need to get the task done efficiently and accurately.

It starts with our MEP take-off software, which offers a significant advantage over handling drawings printed on paper. Doing everything on your computer screen allows for greater speed and accuracy simultaneously, with precise measurements and view controls. There’s much less chance of making major mistakes when you’re using software that’s geared towards what you do.

Another massive benefit here is that doing your take-off digitally means you don’t have to repeat it for different services. The software allows you to easily use colour-coded layers for each service. For example, your mechanical and electrical systems can be clearly shown on the same drawing while being completely separate when it comes to the quantities and measurements, with no overlap or confusion.

When it comes to MEP estimating, software can obviously help, even if it’s just a basic spreadsheet. However, that method (despite being common even today) opens up countless opportunities for things to go wrong. Spreadsheet software is simply not made for estimating. You need to figure out how everything is calculated yourself, which isn’t much better than doing it by hand. Even using some estimating software packages can be unhelpful because the systems are too outdated or not specific enough to your trade.

Each element of our Windows-compatible take-off and estimating software allows you to have maximum control and minimum effort. Wherever possible, your costs and rates are preset in the background so there are less decisions for you to make, but you always have the ability to make adjustments. Your whole approach can quickly change from struggling through a painstaking process to getting on with the project safe in the knowledge that your predicted costs are as accurate as they can possibly be.

Taking this professional approach to estimating one step further, you can even use our project management software (which integrates fully with the estimating app) to assess how things are going in the live project on a month-by-month basis. It allows you to make alterations based on your real life costs and present these in the required format with just a few clicks.

All of this enables MEP contractors to feel much more confident about the bids they submit for new projects and focus on what really matters to their business: high quality work, efficient operations and healthy profits.

Ready to see how the system works?