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EES Data’s Estimating software is our most popular product, and the best platform in the UK for contractors who demand the highest possible degree of accuracy and control.

EES is the only estimation software that uses our unique database of items, weekly-updated trade prices and install times.

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Key features of our Estimating software

All premium-level features included as standard

Full support

Contact our experienced and friendly support team by phone or email, and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.


Our huge database of plumbing, mechanical and electrical items is essential to our estimating software.

Install times

Install times based on real contractors’ knowledge are included in our database, and available as a PDF guide.

Estimating software features

Some of our most popular tools and features include…

Import take-off

Start with a PDF file in our Take-off software and import the finished PDF into the Estimating program. Alternatively you can choose to import a spreadsheet, or start from scratch.


Select items and assemblies directly from our extensive database to add to your project, complete with accurate trade prices and labour times for installation.


Keep your project and your reports organised and accessible by grouping items into sections and sub-sections. These work just like folders on any operating system.

Progress bar

At the bottom of the screen while working on a job, progress is shown as a timeline. Colour codes are used for the current step and previously completed steps.


The progress timeline also includes a “Back” button and a “Continue” button so you can always keep tracks of where you are and move between steps easily.

Labour rates

The Summary table will display total labour based on whatever calculation method you have chosen. This can either be expressed in hours or days.

Markup control

You have full control over additional costs, overheads, prelims and so on, plus you can set desired profit margins and choose how to apply these across the job.

Total calculation

All your grand totals for material and labour costs, expected profit and more will be displayed clearly on the Summary Table, with no manual calculation needed.


Select as many predefined templates as you like and generate professional reports to present to your clients. You can customise any report to your requirements.

Designed to make your work easy

Our software is designed to be easy to use. Even for contractors who are new to the system, you’ll be comfortable with it in no time.

To get started, we recommend a free live demo. One of our experts will guide you through the interface and show you how it works.

User-friendly estimating with our simple software interface

Our estimating system has been transformed for the better over the years, and one major advantage is the intuitive and straight-forward user interface which we introduced in the most recent major update to the EES Data platform.

The new interface is easy to learn for experienced engineers, even if you don’t have much experience working with software beyond the basics. Many of our users find that after trying a free demo guided by one of our experts, and spending a little time getting to know the system, they can comfortably navigate around without even being trained.

Following our tried-and-tested training course, our users are comfortable producing complex estimates in an amazingly short amount of time. The navigation within the software is based on the order you would traditionally work, whether you’re a plumbing, mechanical or electrical contractor. The software prompts you to build up your estimate step by step, and wherever possible the tools and options are self-explanatory.

We find that it makes a huge difference when people first use EES Data, because compared to the majority of systems on the market, working with our interface is much easier to pick up. We highly recommend getting a look at the program with a free guided demo, which is also a perfect opportunity for you to ask our team any questions you have.

Everything you need for confident, straightforward estimation

There are no hidden features that need to be unlocked by upgrading to a more expensive version of our software. It’s a straightforward subscription to our full EES Data Estimating package, and everything is included as standard from the basic core features right through to the expert-level controls and preferences. You can fully customise how the program calculates costs to reflect the way you prefer to run your business.

Everything else is handled behind the scenes so you don’t need to worry. We do our best to make the entire process as easy and automated as possible, so you can focus on completing your work before tender submission deadlines without the stress and hassle of doing everything manually.

Another way we help to put your mind at ease is the weekly price updates to the database, delivered via our own custom-built system which checks for errors from the manufacturers’ data and remotely updates your system with the latest trade prices. In addition, you’ll automatically receive updates to the estimating software itself when these are released, enhancing functionality even further and adding new features based on popular demand.

How to use the system

We know from our own hands-on experience how long the estimating process can be without software to guide you and speed up your workflow. The same is even true if you’re using software that isn’t designed for this level of work (like Microsoft Excel and other office spreadsheet programs), or estimation systems that are too complicated, outdated or generic.

When you start the manual process you need to select items, parts, costs, discounts, preliminaries and so on from scratch, then work out what to do with them. With EES Data, it’s more a case of choosing from pre-set options and slotting everything into place. The rest is taken care of automatically.

The calculation side being handled for you dramatically reduces the margin for human error, which is otherwise inevitable after a while, even for very experienced contractors. Everything is in the system for you and it’s just a matter of building your estimate up from there. It’s a much easier, faster and more reliable approach that ultimately leaves you more confident with the figures you send to your client.

Designed to fit with your workflow

We understand that time is a major factor when producing estimates to deadlines, especially for complex tender submissions. The best thing you can do to reduce the stress involved with these situations is to use a highly specialised platform like EES Data, which is designed to let you work as quickly and seamlessly as possible without ever having to compromise on accuracy.

One of our users’ favourite time-saving features, for example, is the ability to create assemblies consisting of multiple database items. These can be pre-set for you when we set up your software, plus you can customise them and create your own. Assemblies allow you to add complex kits in just one click, a time saving which adds up very quickly on large projects.

Throughout the EES Data Estimating software, you’ll find more of these deceptively simple tricks and tools that are all about increasing your profitability and making your figures more accurate with less effort and stress on your part.

What’s included with our Estimating software

Whether you’re a contractor who specialises in plumbing, mechanical or electrical projects, everyone has the same core estimating system with EES Data. The program is highly specialised for engineers in these fields, and full of useful tools for advanced users. We know this because our own engineers who developed the software (and continue to improve it even now) have personal backgrounds in the industry. Over the years, real user experience from the field has fed directly into the development and maintenance of the EES estimation platform.

This is how we came to develop the system we have today, with all its complexity rolled into one simple, user-friendly package. The database itself, however, will be tailored to your business so you have easy access to all the parts and information you need for your projects.

This includes up-to-date prices which are maintained weekly by our own team in conjunction with the manufacturers of the ranges featured in our database. All the most popular standard manufacturers are included, and each item has a labour time assigned to it, so your estimate will account for how long it take for items to be installed.

Software setup and training

Software installation and setup will be completed for you by our in-house support team. This is usually done by our team remotely connecting to your computer and ensuring everything is configured correctly for you.

This includes setting up your database based on your business’ requirements, and applying your supplier discounts. This enables the system to automatically “net down” your trade prices to reflect your actual cost price. It’s worth noting that the system can also account for any project support offered by a supplier or manufacturer on a particular project.

In addition, the software will also be set up with your company’s details and branding which are reflected in reports you generate. This makes it even quicker to create professional and consistent documents to send to your clients.

Detailed training will then be provided, which is typically delivered in one or more online sessions as required until you feel comfortable and all your questions have been answered. Our training team will make sure you feel ready to get started with the software and we’re always available to help if you need more advice or reminders on where to find things later.

The training we deliver is a really important part of the experience for our users, because it provides another chance to get one-to-one help with our experts and learn how to use EES Data in a way that really benefits your business. We want to make sure you’re getting fantastic value for money.

We also find that explaining why the software works the way that it does (which is part of our training) gives people a much better understanding and a lot more confidence in the accuracy of the final results. The way we see it, anything we can do to make you more comfortable using our software is time well spent.

Remember, you can always contact our support team for more assistance should you need it. A choice of contact methods is always available: you can email us directly, call us during office hours, or send us a message through the contact form here on our website.

How it all works behind the scenes

Our estimating software is designed to consistently give you the tools you need, supported fully by our technical team, carrying through all phases of your project. It’s specially tailored to mechanical, electrical and plumbing specialists (as well as M&E contractors or MEP contractors who use EES for multiple services).

The reason we serve this specific niche within the market is because that’s where all our expertise comes from. Our small team put in a lot of work to keep everything running smoothly, from weekly price updates to software development based on user feedback. We’re pleased to have an excellent track record and many satisfied clients who have used our software for many years.

Cloud-based estimating software

For maximum compatibility, the software itself is designed to run on Windows 10, the latest and most widely-used Microsoft operating system. The majority of business users have Windows 10 on their machines and can run the software on their machine without any issues. This is a great solution for many users; however, we do have an alternative, which is our cloud service.

Running EES Data as cloud-based estimating software offers several benefits. Most notably, you can access the software from anywhere you like, using any compatible device. All you need is a compatible app to access our virtual server which is hosted and managed by our dedicated cloud experts at EES Data.

You will have your own unique login details, and we’ll use those to set up a one-click shortcut from your desktop to open the cloud and launch straight into using the estimation software.

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